Chiropractic Adjustments

At Maloney Clinic, we have highly educated, highly specialized doctors who perform chiropractic adjustments on each of our patients. The adjusting of the spine helps realign the whole body promoting wellness and reducing inflammation in patients who have sustained injuries.

Prices vary depending on insurance policies and other factors. 

We also offer membership options which provide discounted rates.

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Medical Leins

At Maloney Clinic, we specialize in auto accident and worker’s compensation injuries. Because of this, we accept medical liens and are also affluent in working with attorneys. We can work with your existing attorney, or – if you do not have one – refer you to another attorney fit for the specifications of your case.

Physical Therapy

Our practice is unique in that we masterfully blend chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy to quickly rehabilitate patients who have suffered from auto accidents, sports injuries, or workers compensation injuries. Therapy involves injury-specific stretches, led by our experienced staff members.  

Prices vary per unit of time.