Treat and Prevent Sports Injury

Sports Injury Treatment and Prevention with Chiropractic!

As our HOT Arizona summer begins to cool down, fall sports are starting again.

However, whether you’re a teenager participating in high school sports, a father who loves his slow-pitch softball team, an active mom who loves the escape of her morning jog, or anything in between, you are at risk of picking up an injury, or irritating and old, improperly healed injury.

If you are experiencing pain in during your sport, or any other sort of daily activity, there is a solution outside of “grinning and bearing it” — or worse — taking an anti-inflammatory drug, or a prescription pain-killer.

In sports, or any activity that requires a physical demand such as, running, jumping, lifting, or tackling, it is very common for painful sprains, strains, tears or even broken bones to occur. These injuries can limit your playing time, decrease your performance, affect you in your everyday activities, and even haunt you down the road.

It is very important after an injury that you seek care. So how can chiropractic help you?


Chiropractic care has a long history of rehabilitating athletes. In fact, our clinic has treated many athletes and is even currently treating some. Here are some of the many ways that chiropractic care helps treat and prevent injuries.

Chiropractic adjustments can help realign the spine. This is important, because if the body is not realigned, it will begin to compensate for the pain — caused by say a shoulder or hip injury — with abnormal movements. Misalignment (and the abnormal movements caused by it) can also cause the injury to heal improperly and scar tissue to build up. If scar tissue is left to build up, it can limited movement and lead to more pain in the future. But this doesn’t have to be something an injured person just lives with!

Chiropractic adjustments not only correct misalignment, but they also break down scar tissue. However, it is important that injuries are brought to a chiropractor quickly, before irreparable damage is done and while scar tissue can be more easily and more quickly broken down. 


These are just a couple examples of how chiropractic can help treat injuries. But, chiropractic care can actually prevent injuries too! Our clinic is especially unique in that our patients are led and taught stretching routines and then encouraged to do them at home too! Stretching, on top of chiropractic adjustments, is a beautiful recipe for injury prevention.

Stretching regularly increases your flexibility and, in-turn, can prevent the over-extension of muscles during exercise of any type. (The over-extension of muscles is one of the leading causes of injury.) In our clinic, patients are not only taught proper stretching forms and techniques, but they are also taught to stretch, hold, and then extend SLOWLY. This perfect stretching process can not only prevent injuries in athletes now but it can also help prevent slip and falls for those later in life.

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