Chiropractic Success Stories: The Root of The Problem

The Root of The Problem

Recently, a young man came into our clinic alongside his mother. Together they had seemed to have exhausted all options for finding a solution to the intense shoulder pain that had been affecting the teenager for years. His mother had taken him to see several doctors of different specialties, but they couldn’t find the cause of his pain, and the best they could do was pain medication. 

Photo from Huffington Post

However, finally their search landed at our clinic. When the teen walked in for his first visit he could not move his arm away from his ribs, or use his arm in any significant way. In less than one month of coming in for adjustments and therapy he has already experienced dramatic improvement. He can fully extend his arm over his head and continues to improve with every visit. He is back to playing sports, enjoying time with his friends, and – maybe begrudgingly – doing his school work. He and his mom are so grateful.