What’s Bugging You?

Probiotics and Your Health

An article by Donald Hayes, DC touches on the potential health benefits of probiotics and why we need them.

Stomach – Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

There are an “estimated 100 trillion microorganisms in every normal, healthy bowel”. This may give you a sort of disgusting feeling about the contents of your stomach at first, however the bacteria present in our gut aid with the following: they keep pathogens in check, help with digestion, increase nutrient absorption, and work to keep your immune system healthy to prevent sickness. However, with the current over-prescription of antibiotics, more and more the good bacteria from the gut is being killed off to unclog a stuffy nose. This fact, and the growing knowledge of how probiotics work, has lead to a dramatic increase in their use and study.

Dr. Hayes writes that there have been many studies on probiotics that indicate numerous health benefits. These can include an immune system boost; reduced inflammatory or allergic reactions; lower cholesterol; anti-colon cancer effects; and the reduction of eczema, diarrhea, and constipation. More still, some digestive disease specialists are recommending probiotics for issues that other medicines do not help. For example, irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s disease have been frustrating to treat previously, but probiotics have opened a new door. 

Clearly, probiotics are beginning to generate a strong reputation for themselves. And the best part is, they have something to offer everyone!

“Treating the gut first (with probiotics) may be the best available route to improve all of the symptoms of digestive disorders, including psychological implications.” – Donald Hayes,  DC

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