Pain-Relieving Drugs Are Not the Answer to Back Pain

NSAIDs No Better Than Placebo for Spine Pain:
An article published by Dynamic Chiropractic explains several studies done on the effectiveness of NSAIDs (or common pain-killers) for treating spinal pain. A group of 6,000 patients were studied, some were given pain killers and others who were given a placebo (or a sugar pill).
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After observing the group, the authors found that the number of patients that needed to be treated with pain killers before a single patient felt immediate “meaningful pain reduction” was 5. Regarding short-term effects, the amount was 6.

On top of this, common pain-relieving drugs have been linked to adverse cardiovascular and gastrointestinal effects. In follow-up with the patients from this study, many that received the pain-relieving drugs also experienced unfavorable gastrointestinal effects.

Factoring both aspects of these results, does not lead to the encouraged use of pain relievers. Instead, a long-term, non-harmful route should be considered – Chiropractic!

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